1. 2 years ago


    8 May 2016 Administrator

    Hello! I thought i would start by introducing myself, My name is Ben and I am the web administrator for the EURO-CARES project.

  2. LudovicFerrière

    8 May 2016 Euro-CARES Team Member

    Hi Ben!
    Happy to see that you have set up this forum and hoping that we will have interesting discussions...
    Myself, Ludovic, I am involved in the EURO-CARES project as leader of the Work Package 3 (Facilities and Infrastructure). Being in charge of the world largest display of extraterrestrial samples (at the NHM Vienna), I would be happy to discuss questions people have about how to deal with such unique samples...

  3. Sara Russell

    9 May 2016 Euro-CARES Team Member

    Hi, I'm Sara and I'm the co-ordinator of EURO-CARES. I'm happy to discuss any general aspects of the project and how it is funded.

  4. Lucy.Berthoud

    11 May 2016 Euro-CARES Team Member

    Hi, I am Lucy and I am leader of Work Package 6, sample transport and recovery. We are looking at ways to collect and transport the samples to the facility when they arrive on Earth. Ask a question and I will try to answer!


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