How are Earth Entry Capsules recovered?

  1. 2 years ago


    8 Jul 2016 Administrator

    The capsule has a target landing ellipse where it is expected to land. This landing area will be in a specialised recovery zone, usually in a military area as the military have useful equipment for tracking and recovering the capsule. Once its beacon is located, the capsule is tracked by radar to its landing site, then the helicopters are sent to pick up the capsule. Often the capsule has to be ‘safed’, ie: the electronics and pyrotechnics disconnected before the capsule is removed to the facility where it will be stored by aircraft. If the capsule contains material from a body where there is a possibility of life, then the samples will already be in a special biocontainer within the spacecraft to seal in any biological organisms and will have special recovery measures in order to protect the Earth.


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