Topics and Invited Speakers

The WP2 Workshop and Meeting will focus on the main Planetary Protection aspects related to European Sample Curation Facility, specifically:

• Techniques and methods of risk assessment of biohazard;
• Test methods for the detection of pathogenic organism;
• Containment systems;
• Sterilization processes;
• Safety equipment, enclosed containers, engineering control to remove or minimize to hazardous biological materials;
• Procedures to monitor the health of personal and select precautions for safe practice.

The attending experts are listed below:

• Allan Bennett (PHE)
• Mika Salminen (ECDC)
• Gerhard Kmineck (ESA)
• David Cullen (Cranfield)
• Nicolas Walter (ESF)
• Diana Margheritis (Thales Alenia Space)
• Mike Entwisle (Airbus)