Thursday, April 14th: Open meeting

SESSION "Curation"

• Curating NASA’s Past, Present, and Future Astromaterial Sample Collections.
Ryan Zeigler (invited talk) [abstract] [presentation]

• Mars Sample Return: End to End Curation from Return to Earth to Sample Distribution - Report from iMARS Phase II.
Caroline Smith [abstract] [presentation]

• The Maintenance and Development of a Specialised Cold Curation Facility for Pristine Astromaterials.
Nicole Spring (invited talk) [abstract] [presentation]

• EURO-CARES Extraterrestrial Sample Curation Database: Basic Concepts.
Luigi Folco [abstract] [presentation]

• Curation of Extraterrestrial Samples: What are the Main Issues?
Ludovic Ferrière [abstract] [presentation]

SESSION "Architecture and Design"

• Architecture as the Interface Between Humans and Technology.
Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger (invited talk) [abstract] [presentation]

• Architecture students from the Technical University Vienna:
  Robert Baumgartner & Stephan Asboth [presentation]
  Iina Koskinen [presentation]
  Maurice Nitsche [presentation]

• Risk Based Design of Containment Facilities.
Uwe Mueller-Doblies (invited talk) [abstract] [presentation]

• Facility or Facilities? That is the Question!
Michel Viso (invited talk) [abstract] [presentation]

Friday, April 15th: Open meeting

SESSION "Cleanliness and Planetary Protection"

• Evolution of the Lunar Receiving Laboratory to the Astromaterial Sample Curation Facility: Technical Tensions Between Containment and Cleanliness, Between Particulate and Organic Cleanliness.
Judith Allton (invited talk) [abstract] [presentation]

• Human Mars Mission Contamination Tracking.
Gernot Groemer [abstract] [presentation]

• The Cleanroom Balance.
Roman Czech [abstract] [presentation]

• Planetary Protection Issues on Sample Returned from Mars: Analytical Approach to Detect Sign of Life.
John Brucato [abstract] [presentation]

• Some Technology Challenges for a Facility Handling Samples from Mars.
James “Sandy” Ellis (invited talk) [abstract] [presentation]

• EuroCares WP6 Sample Transport/Portable Receiving Technologies- Update to Activities.
Lucy Berthoud [abstract] [presentation]

• Discussion on Cleanliness and Biocontainment.
Allan Bennett & Thomas Pottage [presentation]

SESSION "Manipulation techniques - Pot-pourri”

• Remote Manipulation (RM) System for Mars Sample Receiving Facility (MSRF) - Outline of Activities and Early Results of European Space Agency (ESA) Technology Development.
John Vrublevskis (invited talk) [abstract] [presentation]

• Analytical techniques in Double Walled Isolator and BLS4+ Sample Return Facilities.
John Bridges [abstract] [presentation]

• Double Walled Isolator (DWI) System for a Mars Sample Receiving Facility (MSRF) - Outline of Activities and Early Results of European Space Agency (ESA) Technology Development.
John Vrublevskis (invited talk) [abstract] [presentation]

• Ultraclean Technologies and Micromanufacturing.
Guido Kreck (presented by John Vrublevskis) [presentation]

• Robotic Handling and Robotic Inspection - Profactor's Expertise.
Gerald Fritz [abstract] [presentation]

• Manipulation of Samples in Mini Environments.
Peter Mani (invited talk) [abstract] [presentation cancelled]

• Instrumentation Requirements for Sample Curation Facility.
Ian Franchi [abstract] [presentation]

• Industrial Sample Preparation for Electron Microscopic Investigations.
Robert Ranner [abstract] [presentation]

• Storage and Usage of Analogue Samples in an Extraterrestrial Sample Curation Facility.
Jutta Zipfel [abstract] [presentation]

• Optical Micro-manipulation: A primer.
Siddarth K. Joshi [presentation]

Selection of additional presentations that were given on Wednesday, April 13th during the Experts meeting:

• Stuff we Take Care of, How we Store it, and Why it’s Hard to Plan for Everything.
Ryan Zeigler [presentation]

• Facility for Payload Cleaning and Assembly and for Curation of Returned Genesis Solar Wind Samples.
Judith Allton [presentation]

• Micro-Manipulation of Extra-Terrestrial Dust.
Nicole Spring [presentation]

• About Merrick & Company.
James “Sandy” Ellis [presentation]

• About the JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH.
Narendrakrishnan Neythalath [presentation]