Thursday 13/10

Morning: Closed meeting

12:30-2:15pm: Lunch (not provided)

Afternoon: Open meeting

2:15pm: J. Aléon (IMPMC-MNHN) - General introduction
2:30pm: S. Russell (NHM London) - EURO-CARES presentation and status
3:00pm: M. Zolensky (NASA JSC) - Curation at NASA

3:30pm: Coffee break

3:50pm: C. Herd (Univ. Alberta) - The subzero facility at University of Alberta
4:20pm: K. Righter (NASA JSC) - Curation plans for Osiris Rex
4:50pm: J. Duprat (CSNSM Orsay) - Curation of the Concordia micrometeorites

5:20pm: End of day 1

Friday 14/10

Open meeting

9:00am: J. Gattacceca (CEREGE Aix-Marseille Univ.) - Magnetic study of meteorites
9:30am: R. Brunetto (IAS Orsay) - IR, from Hayabusa to asteroid surfaces
10:00am: N. Almeida (NHM London) - X-ray CT scan of meteorites
10:30am: L. Thirkell (LPC2E Orleans) - TOF-SIMS, contamination and COSIMA

11:00am: Coffee break

11:15am-12:15am: Discussions with industrial partners

12:15am-2pm: Lunch (not provided)

2:00pm: Round tables

3:00pm: M. Gounelle and J. Aléon - wrap up & conclusions

3:30pm: End of workshop